Saturday, December 24, 2011

On Defensive Medical Practice: Patients' Compensation System (PCS)- a proposed bill to replace medical malpractice litigation system

Dear Dr. Uko-Abasi,
It goes without saying that physicians are the lifeblood of our business. Every day we talk to you on the phone about your work, and we understand the pressures you face and frustrations you experience. We wouldn't be good at what we do if we didn't care deeply about matters that affect your professional lives. We understand the pressure you feel each work day as you balance your patients' needs with the constant threat of litigation.
After listening to so many of you describe your dissatisfaction with medical malpractice over the years, we realize that the system is broken – it doesn't work for doctors or patients. That is why we're endorsing a new and exciting proposal from our parent company, Jackson Healthcare.
In a continuation of their efforts to expose the truth about defensive medicine and advocate for change, Jackson Healthcare is announcing the formation of a new nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the creation of a Patients' Compensation System (PCS): a no-fault, state-driven system modeled after the workers' compensation system.
This system would revolutionize malpractice litigation. It would free physicians from the pressure of being personally financially liable for medical errors.
Please find out about a proposed PCS bill in a letter from Rick Jackson, the Chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare, our parent company.
We are excited to share this proposal with you, and we hope you will choose to get involved and share this information with your colleagues.

Click here to read the letter.

Warm regards,
R. Shane Jackson

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