Friday, October 7, 2011

Medicare Cut

There is a general concern about Medicare Cut, and in some places, outright protest. I just watched a group of concerned citizens in Tennessee protesting the cut on Fox news. I believe it is time for us to upgrade public health outfit to assist in providing care for our senior citizens. If public health clinic are equipped to render preventive care to our senior, that would scale down the demand on Medicare, instead of outright privatization of care, which makes it more expensive on our tax bill.

I also suggest a change in the residency process from mandatory 3 year training to an alternative Primary Care pathway which allows medical graduates enter supervised preventive care/primary care with the government for at least 2 years on passing the state medical board exams to help render preventive care to our seniors, following which they can seek to enter specialty training which is a very rigorous process. It is not wise to let med graduates stagnate in the system with $250,000 student loans debt demanding to be paid back but the residency process dictating the life of such med graduate.

Thirdly,I suggest Partnership Building for Medicare in which large business enterprises  team up with the government to build up Medicare with tax concessions as an of appreciation.

Let's know your suggestions/solutions.

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